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A draft comprehensive plan for Bloomington is in development. Based on past public input and processes the time has come to reengage the community to focus attention on topic areas (chapters) and refine their respective goals and policies. These will be used to help guide Bloomington towards 2040. The following are goals for Community Services:

Goal 1.1 – Prioritize implementation of programs and strategies that sustain the health, well-being, recreation and safety of residents and visitors.

Goal 1.2 – Engage the community, work with regional partners, reach out to schools, collaborate with non-profits and create business partnerships in order to provide community services and programs for all age groups.

Goal 1.3 – Recognize the intrinsic value and everyday importance of our parks and community centers/spaces, libraries and civic buildings by investing in their maintenance and improvement.

Goal 1.4 – Plan for a future in which the services we provide to our community continue to thrive and adapt to the growth and change of Bloomington.

Goal 1.5 – Commit to transparency, open government and high quality public engagement so that exemplary services are provided to our residents, businesses and visitors.

Attached is a visual aid with all the draft goals and policies for Community Services

Together help shape draft goals and policies for Bloomington's Community Services


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Community Services

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