Welcome to the Bloomington Comprehensive Plan On-Line Discussion Forum!

The working draft comprehensive plan is available (on 7/20/2016) to review and can be accessed at the City's main website.  Your feedback will be used to help further refine topic areas and their respective goals and policies.  You can submit comments, cast votes, and suggest new ideas for staff to consider in preparing a final draft.  Something to keep in mind when providing feedback is:
  • Goals - directly supports the collective efforts and ideals of the community reflected in the Vision and Goal Statement;
  • Policies - outlines avenues or opportunities to achieve the intent of a Goal; and
  • Programs - specific implementation strategies taken by town officials, business leaders, community organizations, and residents to accomplish the goals.
We appreciate your time and hope this on-line option provides an easy and effective way to participate.  There are public meetings and other community events planned.  Once a final draft is completed it will be presented to the Plan Commission and City Council for their consideration. Contact staff if you have any questions. 

Please use the following topic area forums below to submit your feedback:

For reference, please review the adopted ImagineBloomington Vision Statement 

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